If you would like to be our distributor (D) / reseller (R), please contact us at sales@focustronic.net.  Hobbyists who would like to purchase from your LFS, please suggest them to contact us for wholesale orders.

For areas without an authorized distributor/reseller, end users can purchase online and FOUCSTRONIC will provide all after sales service.  

For countries that we have a distributor/reseller, FOCUSTRONIC will not accept a direct purchase from the end user and your order will not be processed.

ABS Technologies (D) Australia +61 (0) 8398 5560 davidb@abs-technologies.com.au www.abs-technologies.com.au
Aquarium Connections (D) United Kingdom +44 (0) 8330 9479 sales@aquarium-connections.co.uk www.aquarium-connections.co.uk
De Jong Marinelife B.V. (D)

European Union




+31 (0) 183563332 nfo@dejongmarinelife.nl www.dejongmarinelife.nl
Reef Depot (D) Singapore +65 6451-0209  customerservice@reefdepot.com.sg


LSS  Laboratyory Co. Ltd. (D) Japan
CoralVue (D) USA +1 (985) 781-9078 sales@coralvue.com


SharkBR (D) Brazil +11 99234-2009  info@sharkbr.com.br www.sharkbr.com.br
Oceanexus Trading Co. Ltd. (D) Taiwan +886-6-5830148 david.li@oceanexusworldwide.com www.oceanexus.com
B.P.K GLOBAL TRADING LLC UAE +971 4 294 7458 info@bpk.ae www.bpk.ae
Aquaritech Europe HB (Reseller) Sweden info@aquaritech.eu www.aquariatech.eu
Drakfisken Sweden info@drakfisken.se www.drakfisken.se
JEKK (D) Hong Kong +852 9422 6148 jekk2013@hotmail.com  
Korallboden AS Norway +4746503639 sale@korallboden.com www.korallboden.com
Seaflower Netherlands +31 6 40824675 info@seaflowerstore.com www.seaflowerstore.com
Sewatec A.E. Germany   sales@sewatec.com www.sewatec.com
Aquarium Universe Australia +02 6368 4000 sales@aquariumuniverse.com.au www.aquariumuniverse.com.au
Créati’récif France +33 (0) 642963481 creati-bois@orange.fr www.orange.fr
Récif'All Switzerland +41 76 207 00 77 info@recifall.ch www.recifall.ch
DecOcean Aquarium Denmark (+45) 2629 9403 info@decocean.dk www.decocean.dk
Reef Products Netherlands +31 641801120 Info@reefproducts.nl www.reefproducts.nl
Aquaasan Netherlands +31 631979971 Info@aquaasan-corals.nl www.aquaasan-corals.nl
Advanced Aquarium Consultancy Ltd (AAC) United Kingdom +44 07863107860 sales@aac-online.co.uk www.aac-online.co.uk
Seahorse Aquariums Ltd Ireland +353 4595650 info@seahorseaquariums.com www.seahorseaquariums.com
Sales Office:
Iron Aqua 鋼鐵水族 Hong Kong +852 9122 2636 peter@ironaqua.com www.ironaqua.com