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Basic Specification:
• 280W full spectrum LED reef fixture with dynamic motion (2 axis)
• +/- 24 degrees for each axis. Mimic sun travel across the reef with blanket lighting.
• Powered by ReefBrite’s industry leading XHO LED strips and cluster
• Different lighting profiles (spectrum, intensity and angles) for different days of the week (7 days, 7 different profiles)
• 8 individually controlled lighting channels (XHO, Cool White, Blue, Royal Blue x 2, Photo Red, Green, UV)
• Wifi iOS and/or Android app with cloud access
• Dimension: 52 (L) x 39 (W) and 11.2cm at the highest point (middle)

Feature Highlights:
• Dynamic lighting angle prevents hotspot bleaching corals but allow fixture to run at higher (max) output to bring out more colors
• Lighting should not be set and forget but rather a constantly changing parameter (PAR) due to water chemistry such as nutrients and alkalinity.
• Different lighting profile for different days of week. Individual fixture in a group can also have a different lighting profile for best light angles.
• Auto adjustment of lighting intensity based on nutrient level. Example, lighting is now at 70% (define by user) and with PO4 at 0.1ppm. Mastertronic now has a new reading of 0.3 PO4 and will increase lighting intensity for the profile by 10%. When PO4 resumes 0.1ppm, the intensity is back to default which is 70%. Will also work in opposite direction when nutrient is too low and reduce intensity.
• True UV LED diodes. 365nm and 395nm
• Machined reflector for the dual cluster giving best spread and without laser type beams


Solartronic (ST) is our flagship lighting fixture with our patented dynamic light source. The ST doesn’t only have 1 unique feature but 2. When combined with Mastertronic, the lighting intensity can be automatically adjusted based on nutrients or even alkalinity (PO4, NO3, dKH) reading. From many documentations, it has been confirmed that the higher the nutrients the higher lighting intensity should be or at least not the same level before the increase in nutrient levels. With the patented dynamic lighting feature, corals do not only receive a boring fixed lighting angle but multiple angles which creates multiple sweetspots per fixture. This will promote natural lighting pattern resulting in natural growth while reducing shadowing due to overgrown colonies. These two unique features takes reefing automation to the next level where no hobbyist have imagined until now! We have gathered a lot of comments/requests from various reefers who are extremely happy with the Alkatronic and Dosetronic and are eagerly waiting for the Solartronic release. The new lighting spectrum is a result of a cooperation with renowned lighting brand – ReefBrite. The ST also includes ReefBrite’s most sought after product, the XHO, which will offer the best color pop and light spread.

Below link for video of patented moving angles of LED cluster

Solartronic is protected by patent(s) - US Patent RE48022

YouTube Video